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Unknown people attacked journalists during shooting a plot

19.03.2013, 05:09
 On March 13, 2013, in Kherson, unknown men attacked the camera group of Tavria News news agency (cameraman Valeriy Myroniuk and journalist Oleksander Tarasov) who were shooting an eviction of a large family from their flat, reports the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine.

"Young guys, quite athletic, arrived together with the owner of the apartment in question, and began to push, close and grasp the camera, in order to hamper the work of journalists" – IMTU reported.

Journalist and media-lawyer Tarasov, who was also present at the scene, was pushed on the ground by the unknown men, who began to beat him.

Police officers, who were present at the scene, did not interfere to stop the crime.

"In response to all demands to stop the lawlessness, the police commented: "You do not agree with something? You should address with a written application, we will investigate... "- which is a violation of articles 1-5 of the Law “On Police , which determines that the task of the police is not only to investigate crimes, but also to prevent and stop crimes.

Myroniuk and Tarasov wrote applications to the Komsomolsky police department in the Kherson Oblast, which instituted criminal proceedings.

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