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Unknown individuals warned Matsuka that it is his turn now to "leave the world of flesh for the kingdom of light"

28.10.2013, 10:11

The editor-in-chief of the Novosti Donbassa online media outlet received a letter with threats from unknown individuals. This is what Matsuka told IMI.

“Dear friend! It is now your turn to leave the world of flesh for the kingdom of light and well-being. Recall all your deeds that you have done, those to whom you did good and those whom you abused in this life”, the letter to Matsuka says, signed “arbiter of destinies”.

The letter was received on October 16 at 19.45.

“Today in the evening, when I checked my e-mail, I saw a letter with direct threats to me. I addressed the police, and now investigation is on the way. I think these are the same people who tried recently to break into my office and ruin it, and also the same people who were leaving for me "presents" in the form of graffiti in my house and the box on my car”, said Matsuka.

“Also I think that these are the same people who were stalking me and my colleagues during the last two months”, the journalist mentioned.

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