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Uman investigator demands certificate from ICTV that channel’s cameraman is journalist

20.12.2014, 13:35

The investigative department of Uman branch of the Ministry of internal affairs in Cherkaska oblast, which conducts a pre-trial investigation of the criminal case under article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine «Obstruction to lawful journalist activities», requests from the TV channel ICTV a certificate that their cameraman (who was attacked by a drunk driver on November 27) is indeed a journalist.

Kateryna Trushyk, ICTV production editor, explained that due to specifics of their work often the only person actually present at the location of various incidents and accidents is a cameraman. She also said that similar cases regularly happen with their employees,  and they even won one case about an assault on the filming crew in Zaporizhzhya.
As a reminder, the Court of Appeal of Kyiv oblast in the case of attack by an employee of a developer against the filming crew of STB in Irpin in June 2013 demanded a proof that the TV channel is a medium outlet.

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