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Ukrinform journalist wounded in Zaporizhzhia was in a serious condition, now the dynamic is positive

08.04.2024, 10:16
Ukrinform journalist Olha Zvonaryova, wounded in Zaporizhzhia. Photo by Ukrinform
Ukrinform journalist Olha Zvonaryova, wounded in Zaporizhzhia. Photo by Ukrinform

Ukrinform correspondent Olga Zvonaryova, who was injured by a Russian rocket strike on Zaporizhzhia on April 5, was hospitalized in serious condition with severe trauma and blood loss, but now the doctors are observing a positive dynamic.

This was announced by the acting director of the emergency aid hospital, Petro Ryzhenko, reports Ukrinform.

"The patient's condition was quite serious due to severe trauma and blood loss. Without medical assistance her life would have been at risk. However, we did everything on time and successfully," Ryzhenko told the Ukrinform CEO Oleksiy Matsuka, who visited the journalist.

According to Andriy Ovcharenko, head of intensive care ward No. 1 of the Zaporizhzhia Hospital No. 5, "now the patient is showing a positive dynamic, her condition is stable, the patient is conscious, has no complaints." Olha Zvonaryova will be back at work in a month or two, he added.

An Ilizarov apparatus was applied to the journalist's leg.

Olha Zvonaryova said that the shock wave from the explosion threw her back really hard.

"After the first three explosions, when we were working on the site, the emergency services had arrived, the police were there. Everyone heard the fourth rocket and started running. But it flew so quickly that I fell near the car that was standing next to me. I dropped on my side. The side I lay on is intact, and the top one has cuts. I saw that the car windows were cracked, gasoline leaking. I thank my colleagues and the doctors who were there. They got their bearings very quickly, applied the tourniquets, and called an ambulance. I know that a female colleague of mine was injured. But, thanks to the people who were on the spot, we managed to avoid casualties in that location..." she said.

Another shrapnel fragment was found in Olha's stomach.

"I have a fragment in my stomach. But they said that it's not the time to get it out yet. They took out the fragments from my leg and arm. The thigh bone is broken, I have Ilizarov apparatus and a plate there," said Olha.

Ukrinform correspondent Olha Zvonaryova was wounded by shelling in Zaporizhzhia on April 5.

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