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Ukrainian IT army paralyzes 2,4 thousand Russian resources in two weeks, shows Zelensky's address to Crimeans

12.09.2022, 17:23

Over the past two weeks, the Ukrainian IT army has interrupted the work of over 2,400 Russian online resources, including propaganda media.

This was announced by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

For example, between August 29 and September 11, the IT army disabled several large Russian propaganda media: Rambler, Gazeta.Ru, MK.

The IT experts also made sure that the September 1 greetings from the President of Ukraine reach the schoolchildren and students through Crimea's central TV channels. "We keep reminding the Russians who temporarily reside in Crimea that they do not belong there, because Crimea is Ukraine," the Ministry notes.

In addition, the cyber attack interrupted the work of Russia's largest banks. As the Ministry of Statistics notes, due to the services of the largest and most important banks of the Russian Federation – Gazprombank, Moscow Credit Bank, Sovkombank – being paralyzed, Russians were unable to use online banking and make financial transactions from their smartphones. Moreover, the Russian military was unable to receive their salaries, and their relatives could not receive compensations.

The work of online car dealer services and the electronic document management systems at dairy enterprises have also been interrupted.

For instance, the cyber specialists suspended the work of Russia's largest online website for selling cars and spare parts – Drom. "Because of this, the Russians were unable to buy or spare parts for the murderer soldiers who continue to wage war in Ukraine. They are free to use inflatable boats and bicycles," the Ministry notes.

Moreover, due to the electronic document management systems at dairy enterprises being blocked, wholesalers and retailers of dairy products were forced to process documents manually.

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