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Ukrainian IT army cripples over 900 Russian resources in November

01.12.2022, 12:13

The Ukrainian IT army crippled over 900 Russian websites and online resources in November. This was reported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

A series of DDoS attacks targeted military equipment dealers, as well as drone and radio devices stores, so that the mobilized could not get high quality equipment.

There were also attacks on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Data on the bank's staff, its specialized systems and output files, as well as the Russian Defense Ministry's banking operations and the Russian military personnel's personal details, phone numbers, bank accounts and cards numbers were made public.

The hackers leaked the data on 650,000 participants of pro-putin volunteer platform "Dobro", which has been gathering pro-war rallies under the motto #WeStandTogether (#МыВместе).

A series of DDoS attacks on Alfa Bank led to hundreds of angry comments from the bank's customers and increased distrust towards the Russian banking system in general.

On Shopping Day, the IT specialists created an artificial demand for goods, which led to buyers on Ozon experiencing website errors.

In addition, the IT army launched an urgent update of 1C, which fixes an anti-piracy tab bug. The Russians actively tried to download it, but all in vain: "The system was overloaded, and enterprises could not get back to work," the Digital Ministry notes.

On the Day of Dignity and Freedom, the IT Army greeted Ukrainians on 60 Russian resources, including the websites of ministries, state services and departments.

The IT specialists also carried out multiple attacks on two large platforms — RTS-tender and Roseltorg, which could have disrupted the bidding. In addition, the cyber army hacked the website of the National Center for the Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and posted the requirements that the Russian Federation must fulfill in order to end the war there.

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