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UK reporters locked out of White House press conference over birth date confusion

30.01.2017, 13:20
A cohort of British journalists were refused entry to the White House for the Donald Trump and Theresa May press conference due to confusion over the formatting of birth dates between US and UK English.

Dates within the two strands of English are written differently. In America, the month is written first before the day, whereas in Britain the format is day, month, then year. This is, what apparently caused the Secret Service to become confused. Some of the hacks expressed anger on Twitter after being refused entry to the inaugural press briefing.

"British press corp is locked outside the White House because our birthdates were submitted in UK format and secret service don't get it." - political editor of the Buzzfeed portal, Jim Waterson wrote it on his Twitter. "Those of us born after the 12th day of the month have been let through." - he added later.

Reporter of British newspaper Mail on Sunday complained about the incident at the White House, too. "White House press officer just told me off on the phone for laughing when they told me about not knowing British date formats were different." - he wrote on Twitter. "Why is that funny? One person put their birthday as 01/08/[year], why would we be expected to think that means August 1st? Why?" - journalist quoted the representative of the White House.

Recall, January 27, Theresa May came to Washington to meet with US President Donald Trump.

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