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Twitter shadowbans Ukrainians who write about Russians blowing up the Kakhovska HPP

08.06.2023, 11:27
Photo credit: Jeff Chiu / AP
Photo credit: Jeff Chiu / AP

Multiple Ukrainian Twitter users who had tweeted about the Kakhovskaya HPP being blown up by the Russian military the day before have now been shadowbanned. Their accounts do not show in the results when searching with English istalled as the interface language. This is reported by "Detector Media".

Those shadowbanned by the social media are both big name accounts with thousands of followers, such as the singer Jamala, and ordinary users with under a hundred followers.

According to a Ukrainian volunteer who goes by "Beamster", these accounts are only hidden for the foreign audience. In Ukraine, they do show up upon searching.

He also discovered that some of the Ukrainians who were sharing posts about the Russian troops blowing up the Kakhovska HPP and calling on international organizations for a response and for help are now marked with the "sensitive content" tag, which is hidden in the settings and has a "default" status.

Twitter has not yet commented on what is happening with the accounts of Ukrainian users who are reporting to the world about the Russian ecocide in Kherson oblast.

As you know, the social media platform's owner Elon Musk retweeted the link to the first episode of the former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson's video blog where Carlson mentioned Ukraine as a possible culprit of the explosion at the Kakhovska HPP.

We remind you that in April, after a portion of the source code for Twitter's algorithm was leaked, several active users stated that tweets related to the situation in Ukraine were marked for downgrade, reducing their visibility and outreach.

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