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TV anchor in Cherkasy was suspended from production of the political talk show due to “esthetic inadequacy”. The anchor considers this pressure

20.11.2013, 18:09

The General director of Cherkaska oblast state TV and radio company «Ros» Oleksander Trukhmanov issued an oral command to suspend the author of the program «The country we need» Valentyn Cherniavskyi from the production, yet Cherniavskyi is still not familiarized with the corresponding written order. The latter addressed the National Association of journalists with the application in this regard, Procherk informs.

“Among the reasons the boss named when we talked was my lack of literacy, esthetic inadequacy and low quality of preparation of the programs. When I asked what are these claims based on, Mr. Trukhmanov started using obscene words”, said Cherniavskyi, who also attached the audio recording of the conversation.

At that the author of the program «The country we need» emphasizes that he was conducting it over a year, and never before received any complaints from the administrators or the audience.

“I think that his biased attitude to me as the editor of the TV and radio company formed when we were preparing for a planned live airing of the talk show «The country we need» (17.10.2013) that was approved in the editorial calendar. The topic was the electoral campaign of 2013. The relevant guests were invited, and Mr. Trukhanov approved their list initially. Yet in two days before the live airing, the general director cancelled the program. The reason he gave for this is that I did not invite the representative of the Central Electoral Commission who works in Cherkasy. The director ignored the fact that there is literally no such individual in existence», Valentyn wrote.

 The talk show in question is on the verge of being shut down as no other employee of the company agrees to produce it.

  Valentyn Cherniavskyi does not intend to give up and plans to continue his work in the company where he produces two other programs. He thinks that the real cause of the pressure is fear of the director of the mentioned program, because of lack of control over what the participants might say in the live broadcast.   

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