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Tkachenko says he was threatened due to talk show "Shuster Live". Shuster hired security guards.

07.09.2015, 17:51

The general producer of the TV channel "1+1" Oleksander Tkachenko received several calls with veiled threats when he took in the political talk show "Shuster Live" for broadcasting. People who called him, as he said, politicians and those close to the political circles, expressed their "concern" and warned him about "a close connection between Shuster and official warnings to the channel", which sounded like a thinly veiled threat. Tkachenko said he had a similar experience during the times of Yanukovych. The show host, Savik Shuster, has been using the services of security guards in the last two days, a situation he never could imagine to be in before. This measure was caused by several offers to broadcast the show for abnormally high prices, which the studio administration construed as a hidden threat.

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