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TIME magazine issues a cover with a story of 368 people detained by the Russians in a basement in Yahidne village

16.02.2023, 11:42
Photo: Andriy Bashtovyi / The Reckoning Project
Photo: Andriy Bashtovyi / The Reckoning Project

On February 15, the American TIME magazine issued a cover with a photo from the school basement in Yahidne village (Chernihiv oblast), where the Russian military had detained 368 locals during the temporary occupation; the detention led to the death of 10 people.

Ukrinform reports this, citing the publication's Twitter.

The magazine also published a report about the basement, which features the memories of those who had witnessed the events.

On March 3, 2022, the Russian occupiers entered Yahidne village, chased the locals out of their homes and to a cramped basement in a school. There, they kept almost all the people of the village, including children and the elderly, until their retreat on March 30, 2022.

"It was so cramped, people had to sleep sitting up. Instead of a toilet, there were buckets. Food had to be foraged. There was no ventilation, so the oldest went crazy and died. The Russians did not allow the dead to be buried immediately, and when they finally did, they fired on the funeral.," the report, which was also published in Ukrainian, reads.

As IMI reported, TIME magazine included two Ukrainian women in the Next Generation Leaders 2022 rating.

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