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Three unidentified men tried to break in the office of the Novosti Donbassa online media outlet

25.09.2013, 10:12

Today, at 9.50 p.m. three unidentified men tried to break in the office of the Novosti Donbassa  online media outlet. The Institute of Mass Information received this report from the Novosti Donbassa editor-in-chief Oleksiy Matsuka.

According to him, men in black bombers tried to break open the office door.

Matsuka called the police but as of 10.22 p.m. they still haven't arrived.

Matsuka has no idea who would want to break in the office but connects it to the surveillance over him and his colleague Vitaly Syzov.

“I believe every journalist in Donetsk is in danger. Last week we were followed, and today they already resort to violent actions”, said Matsuka.

“Those unknown men on their way here met the janitress and asked her where our office  was and whether there were a lot of people in it”, added Matsuka.

As Matsuka informed later, both police officers and representatives of the city prosecutor's office came to their office. He submitted complaints to both institutions.

“First the police came, and now the city prosecutor's office. They are canvassing everybody”, shared the editor-in-chief.

For the context, on September 16, Oleksiy Matsuka made a statement that his colleague Vitaly Syzov and he were under surveillance by unknown persons.

According to him, this surveillance started since the end of August — after they started to write the investigative reporting materials, in particular, about corruption in the local authorities. The journalists are publishing their materials on the outlet's website and on the website of Donetskaia Pravda

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