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This is evil for all, says IMI analyst about Russia's propaganda worldwide

19.05.2023, 11:51
Edit by IMI
Edit by IMI

Russian and pro-Russian propagandists still maintain a powerful lobby in Europe and worldwide.

Alyona Nesterenko, a Russian propaganda analyst at the Institute of Mass Information, said this at the International European Forum in Gdańsk (Poland).

"We are grateful to Europeans for fighting against this. However, we constantly see Russia finding new loopholes to spread lies and fakes. And those are not just about Ukraine, but also about the European countries and the US. This is a kind of Russian hypocrisy, when Russian media resources in the media landscape of other countries lie about Ukraine, spread various fakes, talk about how terrible Ukrainian refugees are. But on Russian state television, they are speaking about how bad Europe is, how rotten it is," said Alyona Nesterenko.

According to her, it is an oversimplification to believe that Russia should be accused of mere hate speech. After all, Russia is already calling for full-fledged extermination of Ukrainians, backing up their words with their actions.

"When they talk about Russian puppets in the occupied territories 'filtering' the Ukrainian civilians and soldiers. The occupiers call it routine checks for people who may cause some trouble. In reality, they are takig entire families to filtration camps, separating parents from their children; they also call forcibly deporting Ukrainian children to Russia or moving them to places which are temporarily occupied by Russia evacuation," the IMI analyst explained.

She noted that Russian propagandists used their rhetoric to turn their population against Ukrainians:

"This is evil for all. And, I think, many Ukrainians realize how important it is for the world to understand that there is a genocide happening in Ukraine and that it was the information stage that had enabled it, that it was Russian and pro-Russian propagandists who conditioned the Russian population to hate Ukrainians in this way."

Alyona Nesterenko pointed out that all the videos featuring genocidal rhetoric, which she showed during her speech, are on YouTube and available even without a VPN, to Ukrainian citizens in particular.

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