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The peninsula is seeing the rise of a new resistance movement – President's Representative Office in the ARC

01.03.2023, 13:06

A new resistance movement called "Resistance of the Nation" has emerged in the occupied Crimea. Namely, in Alushta, green ribbons saying "Out of Ukraine, you ugly Muscovite" and such are being distributed. This protest action extends to other cities as well.

The President's Representation Office in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea reported this on Facebook.

In Feodosia, the Crimean movement's activists set fire to a car carrying the symbols of the occupiers.

Moreover, the residents of the peninsula are placing the national flag on their cars, making graffiti of Ukrainian symbols in public places, writing anti-war slogans on rouble bills, and engaging in other forms of resistance.

"On February 24, a man in Sevastopol stood near the Lenin monument for an hour, holding a poster that said: 'One year anniversary for someone, but Crimeans have been waiting for 9 years. Crimea is Ukraine,'" the Representative Office added.

As IMI reported, someone streamed Budanov's address on Gazprom's radio in Crimea. The video with the address was posted by "Informator Ukraina" on Telegram.

"Citizens of Ukraine, this is Kyrylo Budanov speaking. Ukraine is taking back all the captured territories – the Donbas, the AR Crimea, and the entire Ukrainian South will be back home forever. We will find every traitor, no matter where they hide. They will all be eliminated. To all patriots, this is the time to act. Wait for us. We are coming to you. Glory to Ukraine," the radio address said.

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