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The organization associated with Palytsia suggests "not to seek a sensation where is no need"

02.03.2017, 13:24

Public formation "Varta poriadku" (Order guard) associated with the head of the Volyn regional council Ihor Palytsia, called for journalists not to waste precious time on looking for sensational news, as the all information is freely available. This answer appeared on journalist request about financial statements of the formation. According to journalist Irina Musiy (Arina Krapka), it was a formation's response to her request for information on February 28. It is reported by IMI representative in Volyn region.

Irina Musiy in the request asked about financial statements for previous years. According to her, this information is very important because "Varta poriadku" often prevents journalists access to sessional meeting and the council room, and some members of the formation participated in beating activists in Lutsk.

As Irina Musiy told IMI representative in the Volyn region, the answer about financial statements will show sources of revenue to the "Varta poriadku". "It is important to prove the link between "Varta poriadku" and the Igor Palytsia foundation "Tilky razom" (Only together) as it can show his influence as head of council or influence of his "entourage" on the public formation's activity," - said the journalist.

Currently Musiy waiting for official response to her request.
In turn, the organization's official website said that its financial policy is quite clear.

Public formation refers to journalists who carry out about this "investigative journalism" and live for the news that "smells bad" and asked not to look for "sensation" when there is none by wasting precious journalistic time on writing various requests for information, which is freely available."

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