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The occupiers have seized radio frequencies and TV channels in four regions of Ukraine (UPDATED)

16.06.2022, 15:10
Photo: Censor.NET
Photo: Censor.NET

The russian occupiers have seized multiple radio frequencies and TV channels in four regions of Ukraine. This is stated in the response of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting to IMI's request.

Namely, the occupying power currently controls radio frequencies and TV channels in Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, Kharkiv, and Kherson regions.

Zaporizhzhia region:

  • in Berdyansk, the occupying forces seized the premises and the frequency of 106.0 MHz, where Azovska Khvylia radio station ("TRC Azovska Khvylia" LLC) used to broadcast. Now the broadcast is being carried out by the aggressor state, call sign "Svobodny Berdyansk." The NCTRB's licensee is not broadcasting.
  • in five cities (Melitopol, Berdyansk, Bilmak, Dniprorudne, Tokmak) the multichannel TV frequency has been seized. According to the NCTRB, the occupiers use the channels of the digital television operator Zeonbud to broadcast the following russian channels: Pervy Kanal, rossiya 1, rossiya 24, rocciya K, NTV, Pyaty Kanal, Match, Karusel, and three radio programs.
  • In Melitopol, on the frequency of the MTV Plus channel (MTV-PLUS TV and Radio Company LLC), rossiya 24 TV channel. According to the NCTRB, MTV Plus is engaged in collaboration with the aggressor state, and is rebroadcasting russian channels.

Luhansk region:

  • in five cities and towns (Starobilsk, Svatove, Zorynivka, Shyroky, Bilovodsk) russian channels are being broadcast through Zeonbud channels: Pervy Kanal/Match, NTV, Pyaty Kanal, rossiya-K, Karusel, OTP, TVC, rossiya-1, rossiya 24, Vesti FM, Radio Mayak, Radio russia; Spas, STS, Domashny, TV-3, Pyatnitsa, Zvezda, Mir, TNT, Muz-TV; MX-3: Moya Planeta, Nauka, Techno 24, Moskva 24, Muzyka Pervogo, Lugansk 24.

Kharkiv region:

  • in the Kupyansk district, on the 91.0 – 92.0 MHz frequencies, the aggressor state is broadcasting under the call sign "Radio Zhyzn."
  • in Vovchansk and Chuhuiv district, on the 90.0 – 91.0 MHz frequencies, russia is broadcasting under the call sign "Kharkov Z."

Kherson region:

  • in Kherson, the occupying forces have seized the "Armiya FM – Military Radio" (Central Television and Radio Studio of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) frequency of 99.0 MHz and are broadcasting under the call sign "Radio russia."
  • in Kherson, the VTV Plus TV channel (PE "TRC VTV Plus") chose to collaborate with the enemy and is covering the activities of the occupying power.
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