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The health of journalist Iryna Danilovych is deteriorating, says her father

21.03.2023, 14:52
Photo: Crimean Process
Photo: Crimean Process

The health of citizen journalist Iryna Danilovych, imprisoned in occupied Crimea, is deteriorating. Her father spoke to Krym.Realii about this.

According to him, Danilovych fainted while being transported to the Russia-controlled Feodosia city court for a final review of the criminal case material.

At the same time, the pre-trial detention center issued documents claiming that Danilovych did not have any health conditions that would prevent her transfer. The reason for this is the Russian court's desire to finish reviewing the case material today in order to quickly submit it to the court of appeal.

A week before, the imprisoned journalist had a medical examination, which she has needed since the end of last year, when she first complained of acute otitis. According to Danilovych's relatives, the examination was demonstrative and formal, not actually contributing to a diagnosis. The otolaryngologist admitted by the administration  of the pre-trial detention center said that Danilovych needed a psychiatrist, not an ENT, and did not share any medical opinion on the nature of the illness or the appropriate treatment.

The journalist's defense plans to report the the doctor for committing a crime under Article 124 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Failure to provide assistance to a patient without valid reasons"). Furthermore, the journalist's relatives demand that a responsible and competent doctor be admitted to conduct an examination in the presence of a lawyer. The lawyer being present will ensure that assistance is provided in full, and not just formally.

The defense will file a similar felony report against the ambulance doctor who allegedly refused to give the defendant proper treatment when she fell ill during the court dispute. This was documented as Danilovych's voluntary refusal to be hospitalized, but there are no papers signed by the journalist in the case file about voluntary refusal of treatment.

The journalist herself said that she was going to go on a dry hunger strike "to protest the abuse."

Representatives of the Russian FPS did not comment on the claims by Danilovych and her relatives.

As IMI reported, on December 28, 2022, the occupation court of Feodosia, Crimea, sentenced citizen journalist and human rights activist Iryna Danilovych to seven years in prison on charges of illegal storage and manufacture of explosives under Part 1 of Art. 222.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Iryna Danilovych was detained on April 29 in the occupied Crimea. She was detained on her way from work on the road from Koktebel to Feodosia. Her house in Vladislavivka village was searched, her phone and laptop were seized.

In late July 2022, Danilovych said that officers of the Federal Security Service of the russian federation (FSB) beat her and continue to pressure her.

Iryna Danilovych worked as a nurse, and was also a citizen journalist, covering the problems of the health care system in Crimea and sharing information about the war in Ukraine.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has opened a case regarding the illegal searches and detention of Iryna Danilovych.

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