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The Gongadze Prize partners with the IMI to create a memorial platform dedicated to the jouralists killed by the big war

27.02.2023, 14:07

The Heorhiy Gongadze Prize partnered with the Institute of Mass Information to create the "RECuiem" Memorial Platform dedicated to the journalists who were killed by Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine.

"Our mission is to continue the plight of the deceased media workers. To keep spreading the truth for which they sacrificed their lives. To show the world the aggressor's true face," the platform says.

"RECuiem" has collected information about the 48 journalists who died following the start of Russia's full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022.

"These include the stories of eight Ukrainian and international media persons who were killed while carrying out their journalistic duties. As well as the stories of those who fell victim to Russian shelling attacks on cities, those who died at the hands of the Russian army in the cities occupied by Russians, as well as those who were killed while serving in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces", the Prize's website says.

The stories of the deceased were researched by: Valeria Bunyak, Diana Delyurman, Iryna Rodina, Alyona Savchuk, Maksym Sytnikov, and Margarita Tulup.

The Gongadze Prize and PEN Ukraine teams were working on the project in partnership with the Institute of Mass Information.

The "RECuiem" Memorial Platform is a continuation of a series of photo exhibitions organized by PEN Ukraine and its partners in various Ukrainian cities, that have been taking place since March 2022. These photo exhibitions were intended to draw attention to the risks faced by journalists because of the Russian army, as well as to call on the international media community to name this war a war instead of repeating the Russian propaganda narratives. Media workers have been targeted since the first days of the invasion, suffering crimes such as shelling, searches, blackmail, as well as being captured or going missing.

We remind you that in the year since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia committed 497 crimes against journalists and the media in Ukraine. As of February 24, 2023, 48 media workers have died in Ukraine as a result of Russia's armed aggression. Eight of them died while performing their journalistic duties, 27 died as combatants, and 13 were killed by Russian shelling or torture.

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