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The Coalition won access-related case in Lutsk

15.03.2018, 15:52
Volyn district administrative court satisfied the claim of Iryna Petreniuk to the communal enterprise “Laska”, which administrates homeless animals, including their elimination, and bound the communal enterprise to consider the request against and to provide to the claimant valid, accurate and complete information.  The court resolution was approved on February 27, “Dostup do Pravdy” reports. Iryna Petreniuk is one of the winners of the contest of the Coalition of NGOs “For reduction of financial barriers in cases on access to public information”: at the cost of coalition, she was granted legal support, and her court fees were paid for her. “In Lutsk, the Communal Enterprise “Laska” kills animals en masse, the money are being laundered, and the city council provides cover up for those crimes, and for this reason, it does not provide a response to information requests”, - this were the reasons Iryna was sending requests on details of transportation and documentation of animals processed - and received no informative response (the response had given several excuses why this information will not be provided instead). The court did not find those excuses persuasive or compliant with the law, and ruled that the information requested needs to be provided.
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