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Ternopil's "Misto" receives data on the OMA leadership's income only after appealing to the Commissioner

18.12.2023, 14:48

The Ternopil Oblast Military Administration only provided "Misto" journalist with information on the 2022–2023 income of the chair and his deputies after she appealed to the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights, reports the media outlet.

Previously, the journalist Yana Polukhina sent two requests about the salaries and bonuses received by the OMA management, but the replies she received only explained the calculation methods without specifying the sums.

At the same time, the OMA chair Volodymyr Trush made a comment at a briefing about his and his colleagues' salaries being "secret", equating them to military personnel.

"Considering that a full-scale invasion has been ongoing since February 24, 2022, and the military administration became subject to the General Staff of Ukraine, that is, Zaluzhny signs the staff list for us, for security reasons, all our employees are listed... the same as military personnel. Therefore, we do not have the right to disclose surnames, as they want us to do, with names..." Trush said at the time.

However, after the journalist submitted a complaint to the Human Rights Commissioner, the OMA provided the requested information.

"Within parliamentary control and with the assistance of the Commissioner's Secretariat, your requests for public information dated 17.10.2023 and 27.10.2023 were re-examined by the Ternopil OMA and granted by letter No. 06-11709/07 dated 11.12.2023 (copy attached). Thus, your right to information has been renewed", the journalist quotes the reply of the acting head of the Commissioner's secretariat, Ivan Verveiko.

Earlier, the media outlet "20 Khvylyn / RIA+" faced a similar situation asking about the salaries of the head of the Ternopil OMA and his deputies. The City Council refused to provide the data on the Council apparatus' salaries in order to "prevent property- or social status-based unrest."

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