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SSU warns about Russian intelligence services sending fake messages from Ukrainian governmental authorities

26.09.2014, 17:31

The Security Service of Ukraine warns that the Russian intelligence services are conducting digital attacks to take over the informational telecommunication systems and personal computers. This warning was published on the website of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Emails that look like they belong to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine are used for proliferating messages that contain virii.

Such masked messages offer allegedly urgent information for citizens about the taxes on real estate, and to encourage them to open the attached document that would infect their computers with the virus they promise fines and lawsuits.  The virus makes the computer vulnerable to external control.

 The Security Service is investigating the source of these harmful emails and asks users to be cautious. According to its specialists, these emails are written in Russian and contain legal terms and notions specific to the Russian Federation. 

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