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SSCS: Ukraine repels up to 40 powerful cyberattacks every day

18.01.2023, 11:20
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The threat of Russia carrying out cyberattacks on both Ukrainian and European systems remains high, because the Russian notion of hybrid warfare involves the use of all means of influencing a country. Ukraine repels up to 40 powerful cyberattacks per day.

This was stated by the head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine, Yuriy Shchygol, at a press conference in Kyiv on January 17, Ukrinform reports.

"Every day we repel 5 to 40 powerful high-profile DDoS attacks. In December, we prevented and thwarted 395 such attacks. Also, in December alone, our system recorded and warned our clients of 170,000 attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities of state information resources that we protect. Cyber protection is our daily job," Shchygol said.

He noted that in 2022, the state Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UA) registered 2,194 such cyber incidents. A quarter of them were targeting the government and local authorities. The most attacked industries also include the energy industry, security and defense, telecom and developers, the financial sector, and logistics.

Namely, the State Special Communications Service also investigates private sector incidents – there are about 200–300 cyber attacks per day in this sector alone, and they are mostly investigated semi-automaticly.

The most common method used by Russian military hackers in Ukraine is to distribute malware that steals personal data or destroys information systems.

"Such attacks make up over a quarter of the total and can be a component of more complex and powerful operations. To prepare such attacks, the hackers exploit the public's trust in the security sector and disguise themselves, exploiting topics related to the protection of citizens' life and health, as well as critical infrastructure," added Shchygol.

As IMI reported, in December 2022, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine was warning the citizens of malicious emails, purportedly sent by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, with a subject line about the Iranian Shahed-136 suicide drones.

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