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Soldier, journalist Dmytro Sinchenko who reported on daily life in the army killed in action

08.03.2024, 22:01
Dmytro Sinchenko. Photo by Dmytro Sinchenko on Facebook.
Dmytro Sinchenko. Photo by Dmytro Sinchenko on Facebook.

Soldier and journalist Dmytro Sinchenko was kiled in action, announced his ex-wife Olena Sinchenko on Facebook on March 8.

She did not disclose the place or details of Dmytro's death. She added that she would announce the date and time of Dmytro's wake later.

Olena noted that Dmytro had a very philosophical and unique attitude to life and death, which is why she asks that the sadness be peaceful.

"I wish I wasn't writing this post. Never, under any circumstances. I don't want to write it now, either. But it's easier than talking to everyone individually. And writing about Dima in the past tense is very difficult. Dmytro had one great love in his life – Ukraine. He dreamed of its bright future and tried to do everything to achieve it as soon as possible. He lived it and gave his life for it. He was a bright, intelligent, sincere, principled person," she wrote.

She offered to honor his memory as follows: "Do not take or give bribes. Fight for your rights. Live by your conscience and by the Constitution. Speak Ukrainian, read in Ukrainian, listen to Ukrainian music. Decommunize and de-Russify yourself and the space around you. Believe me, he will be happy wherever he is."

"May he live eternally and be welcome in Svarog's halls. I thank you for choosing to defend our Ukraine. Thank you for being there. Thank you for our son – this is the light that shines the brightest and warmest. And know that I will remember you. In all galaxies, in all worlds," said Olena Sinchenko.

Dmytro Sinchenko (call sign Perun) was a Ukrainian Volunteer Army (UVA) soldier from Kropyvnytskyi. He enlisted in the UVA after the start of the full-scale invasion on February 24.

Dmytro wrote for "Tyzhden", Radio Liberty. He reported for "Tyzhden" on soldiers' daily life on the front line. His last story was released on August 24, 2023.

He ran the NGO "Association of Political Studies" since 2012. He was a political analyst, blogger, columnist.

He had been doing volunteer work for the army starting 2014, later becoming a volunteer soldier in the UDA himself.

Dmytro went missing in late August 2023; his death was only reported on March 8, 2024, Tochka Dostupu writes.

According to unofficial information cited by the media outlet, he went missing while helping evacuate his fellow soldiers. His unit was stationed in the Donetsk oblast at that time. For a long time, Dmytro's fate was unknown, until a DNA test confirmed his death.

According to the Institute of Mass Information, Dmytro Sinchenko is the 73rd media worker to die as a result of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

The IMI monitors Russia's crimes against the media and journalists in Ukraine. In the two years since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia has committed 567 crimes against journalists and the media in Ukraine.

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