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Medvedchuk's website deleted information on the movement of journalists in ATO

10.03.2017, 13:23

Editors office removed articles "Avdiivska bludgeon" and "Landing force of Western media" from the website of All-Ukrainian Social Movement "Ukrainian Choice" in a month after the publication. The articles contained information about the movement of journalists in ATO area, with specified routes and car numbers, "Media Detector" said.

Earlier NGO "Institute of Mass Information" appealed to the Security Service of Ukraine to investigate the leak of information, published by "Ukrainian choice", about the movement of filming crews in ATO.

The articles "Avdiivska bludgeon" and "Landing force of Western media" has disappeared from the site in a couple hours after IMI appeal.
Chief editor of "Ukrainian choice" Sergey Vetrov said to "Media detector" that "it is free to put articles on the website, and anyone can do it."

According to him, the article was removed because "there is a moderation on the website, for unknown reasons, site editors recognized articles as one to be removed."
There is no information on why does the moderation come into action more than a month after the publication, and does it have to do with IMI's appeal to the SBU

Chief-in-editor of "Ukrainian choice" Iryna Oprey was not available for a comment at the time of publication.
However, Google's cache preserved the article. The article states the trails and car numbers of journalists from Associated Press, France-Presse, Radio Liberty and BBC.

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