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Shortlist of Investigative Journalism National Competition announced

26.08.2021, 20:13
Photo credit: Media Development Foundation
Photo credit: Media Development Foundation

On August 26, the Media Development Foundation announced the shortlist of the National Competition for Investigative Journalism.

12 best journalistic investigations  have been selected by the jury. 

The list of finalists includes investigations:

"Break the bank" , "Slidstvo.Info", author: Olena Loginova;

"Deliberations room" , "Slidstvo.Info ", authors: Dmytro Replyanchuk, Yevhenia Motorevska, Kateryna Likhohlyad;

"Gold of the Church. A Temporal View on Church Money", "Slidstvo.Info", authors: Yanina Kornienko, Dmytro Replyanchuk, Yevhenia Motorevska;

"Kyva’s thesis: fakes, lies and the best quotes" , BIHUS.Info, author: Danylo Mokryk;

"Heir" ,, authors: Alexander Kokhan, Maxim Kamenev;

"Tupytsky’s tapes", Radio Liberty, authors: Natalka Sedletska, Kira Tolstyakova, Oleksander Chernovalov;

"Tsaryov’s “SBU", lawyers from ORDLO and money from the Russian Federation: who and what for does apply to ECHR against Ukraine", Radio Liberty, author: Valeriya Yegoshina;

"Russian money, Ukrainian politics. Who and how helped Viktor Medvedchuk regain his influence in Ukraine?" , Radio Liberty, authors: Maksim Savchuk, Lyubomira Remazhevska;

"Putin's ally, Lukashenko's oligarch: how Mykola Vorobey cooperates with Medvedchuk and gets rich in Ukraine" , Radio Liberty, authors: Mykhaylo Tkach, Maksym Savchuk, Lubomira Remazhevska;

"American Dream" by Victor Medvedchuk. How a pro-Russian politician-businessman under sanctions, is getting into the market of oil products in the USA" , Radio Liberty, authors: Maksym Savchuk, Lubomira Remazhevskaya, Oleksander Chernovalov;

"One Hundred Years of Isolation: What Does Ukrainian Psychiatry Hide?" , UA: Pershyy, authors: Inna Biletska, Alla Sadovnyk, Volodymyr Stratonov, Dmytro Bondar;

"Most wanted. An investigative documentary film about medical cannabis in Ukraine" , UA: Pershyy, authors: Dmytro Bondar, Inna Biletska, Alla Sadovnyk, Oleksander Stratonov.

The name of the winner of the competition will be announced on September 4 at the award ceremony at MezhyhiryaFest 2021 .

The national competition of journalistic investigations was established in 2014 by the initiative of YanukovychLeaks and the Media Development Foundation, the Kyiv Post newspaper with the support of SCOOP and with the participation of Ukrayinska Pravda.

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