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Service of automotive roads of Mykolaiv oblast refused to provide to journalist procurement contract for overpriced gasoline

15.12.2014, 13:57

The Head of the Service of automotive roads in Mykolaivska oblast Valeriy Bloshenko refused to provide to the journalist of the online media outlet «Prestupnosti.NET» Andriy Lokhmatov a copy of the contract with LLC «WOG Retail», according to which the Service purchased gasoline for the price of UAH 18 per liter in June of 2014, when the fuel cost approximately 15-16 hryvnias per liter. Bloshenko says the contract and all information about it are “confidential”, and the Service cannot release it without consent of “WOG retail”. The journalists, though, plans to receive the information about the contract through the court, as taxpayers have a right to know how officials spend their tax money.
WOG Retail, as it is known, is owned by MP Ihor Yeremeyev.

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