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Serhii Huz calls on international NGO to force Ukrainian government protect journalists of Dnipropetrovsk oblast

06.04.2017, 13:26

Chief editor of online media outlet "Horod 5692", a member of NUJU Serhii Huz asks Ukrainian and international media organizations to intervene in the situation "due to the catastrophic deterioration of press freedom in Dnipropetrovsk oblast and because journalists, who write about corruption and abuse of power by local political elites, face the real threat to security of media journalists."

This he wote in his letter to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), international journalist organizations, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU), according to NUJU website.

"At least six cases of attacks on journalists occured in the region for the last two months, unidentified persons destroyed journalists' property (cars) and none of these cases has been investigated.These attacks are becoming more cynical and dangerous with every next case," - the statement says.

As the reporter notes, it seems that customers of these attacks want to "silence journalists of free Media, and in order to reach the goal they are not willing to choose the means of intimidation and pressure on the press." Huz noted that journalists can only wait for attacks and violence against them because of law enforcement inactions.

He hopes that publicity of these violations of journalists' rights will protect them and give the opportunity to safely operate journalists in Dnipropetrovsk oblast.
"Therefore, I address to you with an appeal to do everything possible to make the authorities and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine finally take decisive action to protect journalists and to force law enforcement agencies to conduct a fair and speedy investigation of all cases of attacks and intimidation of journalists and arsons and damages to their vehicles," - Serhii Huz said.

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