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Security service of Ukraine reported on parliamentary journalists collaborating with Russia

29.03.2019, 13:51
Photo credits: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty The Security Service of Ukraine has filed reports to the parliamentary Committee on freedom of speech and informational policy saying that several journalists accredited in the Parliament would collaborate with Russia, as Victoria Syumar, head of the parliamentary committee on freedom of speech and informational policy told interviewed by Ukrinform. “I have a part of reports from the Security service of Ukraine saying that those “journalists” are collaborating ewith Russian intelligence services. At first, they are provoking some incidents, then they film it and then they cut off some fragments of video and transfer it to Russian TV channels. What they do it for? This is done exactly for information warfare against Ukraine: at firt to provoke something, then to massively use it as in the propagandist media”. Syumar added the procedure of accreditation of the press in the parliament went out of date. “4 thousands of accredited journalists in Verkhovna Rada, this is freak-out situation. The most part of these persons are busy with God know what, but not to cover activity of the parliament”, she said. Syumar argued the Speaker of the parliament had to approve a respective dispositions on accreditation. “In a modern world this is simple to check whether a journalist wrote something on parliament or not. It is sufficient to enter in web search engine the name of the journalist with the phrase “Verkhovna Rada”, she said. On December 2017 the MPs registered the bill # 7395 proposed by Syumar saying that the journalists have to get accreditation for each session apart. But later on, the bill was withdrawn due to indignation of the journalistic community.
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