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Security service detained editor of local web-site due to bribe extortion

05.06.2019, 18:30
Photo credit: SBU
The National Security Service (SBU) detained a head of some NGO in Lviv region due to extortion of a bribe, as to SBU website. The delinquent demanded 30 thousand hryvnias ($1 105) from a local businessman for having made some artificial obstacles to his business activities. "The head of the NGO threatened to make public some untruthful information on non-existent corruption relations of the businessman in the government circles which would cause damage to his business reputation and on alleged breach of the procedure for obtaining permit for the extraction of minerals," as to SBU. The criminal proceeding was instituted based on the part 4 of Art. 368-3 of the Criminal Code. According to , the detainee is the head of the NGO "Public control of Yavorivshchyna" and the editor of the website Yuri Kentsalo. reminds that Yuri Kentsalo had been often involved in scandals. Last January, he tried to cross the border in Krakovets on a car with falsified license plate. Earlier, an elected official of Yavoriv region council Hryhory Babiy won before the bar 5 thousand of moral damage that Yuriy Kentsalo had to pay out due to his post on Facebook, in which he made public some data from Babiy’s medical records. Kentsalo was also blamed for having avoided mobilization to the army. IMI inforned, in March 2015, Yuri Kentsalo, as a freelance correspondent for “Yavoriv Visnyk” was involved in a conflict with the elected official of the municipal council Yaroslav Bufan. In January 20th, 2015, Kentsalo was threatened with murder for shooting a meeting of the budget commission of the Yavoriv municipal council.
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