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Security guards of Bohomolets University beat activist who investigates corruption in the institution

02.03.2018, 09:11
On February 27 in Kyiv, security guards of National Bohomolets Medical University University have beaten the participant of the NGO campaign “Student brothership” "No!" to corruption in medical universities", Oleh Yatsenko. Oleh Yatsenko reported this to ІМІ. According to him, he is also a stringer for Mykolaiv newspaper “Ukrainskyi pivden”, yet yesterday, as a part of the campaign “No!" to corruption in medical universities” he came to the university (where now the strike of students and professors is announced) to take some footage in order to show that in fact no strike as such is happening. “I acted there as a part of the campaign "No!" to corruption in mediacal universities". My visit there yesterday became proof of the fact that it is not actually a strike. I came there to show, to make video, that no striking students are actually there, only representatives of the administration who control the entrances and exits. Strike is not there, it is just an artificial event, called “strike”, actually, an administrative top-down halt of teaching for students who want to learn”, he said. According to Yatsenko, he got into the building of the University, had a conversation with security guards, asking them to unblock entrance to the university. Also he made a footage of what was happening there. “I came inside, and took some footage and some photos of what was happening there. They did not want to let me out of there after that, restricted my constitutional right for freedom of mobility … I, as an activist, was asking the question what was happening there, explained that now the rector of the university is dismissed from the office, that the current administrator did not order to block, and asked them to unblock the door”, Oleh said. Yet the security guards brought him to the ground and took his phone. Also, his broken glasses caused him to get scratched. “They threw me to the ground, took my phone, did not allow to call - I wanted to call the police. … I have scratches from broken glasses, they broke it right on my face. Scratched my nose, my cheek and near my eye”, the activist reported. When the police arrived, he explained the situation and showed them the injuries he sustained. He also said that, although he is a stringer, his activities can be mostly described as activism, and he thinks he was attacked for mostly for his activism, not journalism. He also emphasized that he does not want to abuse the fact that he has journalist ID, and considers his actions, first and foremost, the actions of an active citizen.
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