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Screening of "Open Access" derailed by blackout in Kharkiv, too

25.11.2013, 13:21

On November 13, in Kharkiv during the screening of the almanac Open Access" the lights went out. The organizers managed to show only the first three minutes of the almanac’s first novella, informs Ukrainska Pravda.

The documentary was screened in the Cultural center “Indi”, the audience was about 50 persons. At that, the media outlet points out, the rest of the building was lit – but for the audience hall, where the screening was being held.

On November 13, the screening was also rerailed in Ivano-Frankivsk – and also by switching off the lights.

During this year, "Open Access" was screened in 20 cities of Ukraine. In a lot of them unknown perpetrators were trying to derail the screenings, and succeeded a lot, too. 

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