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SBU refused to answer journalist information request, giving as a reason the fact they already answered to similar request of another NGO

13.09.2017, 18:52
The Security Service of Ukraine refused to answer the request of media outlet “Detector media” about the reasons why it demands to provide grant documents from the leader of Rivnenska oblast advocacy NGO “Agency of journalist investigations” Volodymyr Torbich, and requests information related to implementation of international technical assistance supported by donor countries. The reason why SBU refused to answer the request was that it already answered the same request to Volodymyr Torbich himself, “Dostup do pravdy” reports. As the lawyer of the Center for Democracy and Supremacy of Law Vita Volodovska said, the response of SBU is quite interesting, but it will be hard to contest it in court due to incorrectly formulated question. “The question in the request: “… why the SBU Department in Rivnenska oblast, as a part of struggle with the intelligence services of the aggressor country investigates journalist projects supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada and USA” looks more like a request of a comment, as it requires certain explanation. SBU cannot possibly have an answer for this question ready and available. Yet as the reason SBU provided in the answer that they already did respond to a similar request, so at least they could attach a copy of that response”, Volodovska said. Volodymyr Torbich in his comment for IMI mentioned that he considers these letters and requests of SBU a form of pressure against him for investigating corruption of SBU high officials. In particular, in cooperation with media outlet “The Fourth Estate”, "" prepared a program on possibly illegal ways used by former Rivne region resident, now vice-head of SBU Pavlo Demchyna, to become rich.
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