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SBU opened criminal case against 1+1 host

01.02.2018, 18:18
SBU opened a criminal case against the channel host Oleksandr Dubinskyi, based on the demand of the first vice-secretary of Council for National Security and Defense, Oleh Hladkovskyi. SBU provided this information in response to the official request of the TV channel, "1+1" reports. The criminal case was opened based on article 259 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Knowingly false publication information about threat to safety of citizens, destruction or damaging of property). The studio “1+1 media” released a statement expressing their outrage about the actions of investigators, that, as the media outlet claims “become the tool for settling the scores of people who hold the power”. The channel also made an appeal to all relevant agencies to secure safe and unobstructed journalism in Ukraine. Oleksandr Dubinskyi, who published at his personal website an investigation about Hladkovskyi having business connections to Russia, says he published documents confirming Hladkovskyi's shady business deals with Russia, that bring the vice-secretary of the important defense state agency large illegal profits. Thus his claims cannot be considered baseless allegations. Yet, it seems, instead of investigating the business affairs of the official, SBU focused their attention on the investigative journalist who exposed him.
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