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SBU never contested cancellation of Russian rapper's entrance ban to Ukraine

29.07.2020, 18:13

The Security Service of Ukraine never contested the resolution of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv to cancel the three-year entrance ban to Ukraine by SBU for Russian rapper LJ (his real name is Aleksey Uzeniuk). This was the response of SBU to the information request by Radio Liberty.

“This resolution of the District Administrative Court of Ukraine was not contested by SBU”, SBU informed.

No other details were given by the Security Service.

As the media outlet reminded on July 10 SBU stated that they have not decided yet whether they will contest the resolution to cancel their entrance ban to Ukraine for the Russian rapper.

The District Administrative Court of Kyiv cancelled the SBU ban in June, the ban imposed on the rapper Aleksey Uzeniuk was in force since November 27, for performing in the occupied Crimea, as proven by a Youtube video from the event.

The court resolved that SBU's decision that the rapper visited the occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea illegally was "baseless and without foundation".

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