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SBU exposed Russia’s special op aimed to discredit Ukrainian journalists and security officials

20.08.2017, 03:03
The Security Service of Ukraine issued a statement that they have exposed another special op by the Russian intelligence services, which was aimed at discrediting Ukrainian journalism and defense and law enforcement agencies, in particular SBU, as well as the state policy in regard of upholding freedom of speech. This was reported on SBU’ Facebook page. As SBU points out, Russian intelligence services intentionally publish articles of made-up authors with untrue information supposedly from a foreign source. And later these materials get proliferated on similar pro-Russian information websites. “In particular, the SBU officers noticed a certain “journalist” Yuriy Abramovych, who is regularly publishing his materials at the pro-Russian information website “Antifascist”, and his latest “masterpiece” “German TV: Oligarch-owned Ukrainian media outlets brainwash people’s brains with patriotic propaganda”. The article talks about an alleged (in fact non-existent) report of the German public TV and Radio Company “ARD” about the methods of work of Ukrainian journalists”, writes SBU. According to SBU, Abramovych positions himself as connected to German media, most of his materials address the so-called “German vision” of the situation on a whole in the world and in Ukraine in particular. “At the same time, not a single article by Abramovych appeared in German media outlets. Still, his name appears on 652 anti-Ukrainian materials on “Antifascist”. There is no information in open sources about Yuiry Abramovych. It is possible he is a made-up “foreign correspondent”, used by pro-Kremlin media outlets to present international opinions about events in Ukraine and elsewhere”, SBU pointed out.
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