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Russians steal the brand of Melitopol's "Novy Den" newspaper and display it at an exhibition

22.12.2023, 17:55

Russian invaders stole the brand of the Ukrainian Melitopol region newspaper "Novy Den" and now display it on the Zaporizhzhia oblast stand at an exhibition in Moscow (Russia). The propaganda Telegram channel "Zaporozhye Telegraph" announced that the newspaper was taking part in the exhibition, reports the regional IMI representative.

The post calls "Novy Den" a municipal newspaper and notes that it "got a new life" half a year ago, on its hundred years anniversary, and is now being printed in Russian.

The occupiers point out that the issue displayed at the Moscow exhibition "is dedicated to the Victory Swords being awarded to Melitopol and the birthday of our famous countryman Fyodor Konyukhov. It also features an interview with the author of the Alexander Nevsky monument in Melitopol, Salavat Shcherbakov, and other materials on the life and development of the region. ”

The Russian newspaper "Novy Den" displayed at the exhibition. Photo from the pro-occupation Telegram channel

The Russian newspaper "Novy Den". Photos by the IMI

"Novy Den" was operating in Melitopol before the start of the full-scale invasion and occupation of the city by Russian invaders. After the city was seized, the editor-in-chief said that due to the occupation, the editorial team had to stop printing the newspaper "Novy Den". According to her, since the moment when the newspaper was terminated, no other media outlet with this name can be considered as product of their team.

“If a media outlet called 'Novy Den' emerges somewhere, it will mean that someone is abusing our logo and the editorial team has nothing to do with the content of the newspaper. We do not work with the occupiers. Glory to Ukraine!" said the editor.

As the IMI learned from their own sources, the newspaper's office was later "nationalized" by the occupiers and closed down. The newspaper under the stolen brand started coming out half a year ago as "special editions". The issue viewed by the IMI, which was displayed at the exhibition, has no data on where the newspaper was printed, with what print run and who is the editor-in-chief. The headlines of the newspaper align with the Russian propaganda basics: "Fedor Konyukhov: There is nothing more beautiful than Russia", "Local youth meets the President", "Operation Good Will. Salavat Shcherbakov: In the monument to Alexander Nevsky, I embodied the triumph of truth”, etc.

According to RIA Pivden, the Russians released the first issue under the stolen brand on June 12, 2023.

As reported by the ІМІ, since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 233 media outlets have closed down. All Ukrainian media outlets in the temporarily occupied territories closed down or relocated.

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