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russians hack Zaporizhzhia's "Porohy" website and post their propaganda there

25.04.2022, 13:11

A Zaporizhzhia website for students and the youth "Porohy" has been hacked on April 24, with russian propaganda being posted there. This was reported to IMI representative in Zaporizhzhia region by the website's staff.

When you try to access the website, a message in russian appears on the home page: "Information about the russian federation's ongoing special operation" with two flags, Ukrainian and russian, on the background.

The text, in particular, said that the russians and Ukrainians "are one people whom the Western world divided" and "put in power puppets, ridiculous 'rulers' and drug addicts." The message also stressed that "russia is not fighting against you, but for you." The authors appealed to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to lay down their arms and called on the civilian population not to take up arms so that they don't "sacrifice themselves at the encouragement from people with no honor or conscience." In addition, the appeal stressed that for russia, Ukraine is "an integral part of our own history, culture, spiritual landscape," mentioning that Ukrainians are "family, related to us through blood and family ties.

The site is currently down and the promotional message is no longer available to the public.

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