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Russians deliberately fire at Česká Televize journalists near Bakhmut

27.01.2023, 13:46

On January 26, the Russian military deliberately shelled a spot near Bakhmut (Donetsk oblast) where a Česká Televize crew was working together with their Ukrainian colleagues. The journalists themselves and their cars were branded with "PRESS" stickers.

This was reported to an IMI representative by a Ukrainian war correspondent, Česká Televize fixer Anastasia Zhuk.

"I'm 200% sure that it was deliberate, because there was a drone flying around beforehand, and the error couldn't have been significant. Perhaps they wanted to scare us, but, you know, the scattering of shards and fragments can not be overlooked, either. And firing at the press is a kind of 'entertainment,'" Anastasia said.

Describing the details, she noted that the journalists were about to enter Bakhmut. They stopped for 20 minutes away to take a panoramic shot of the explosions in Bakhmut, the work of the enemy's artillery, and to film the journalist in the frame.

"The explosions were coming non-stop. I saw Russian SUs flying around and dropping bombs on Yahidne village with my own eyes. A new pillar of white smoke would rise every five minutes. As my colleagues were filming a stand-up shot, I noticed a drone flying, but I'm not sure whose drone it was, since we were in the UAF-controlled territory. Unfortunately, it does not say on the drone whether it is Ukrainian or Russian. It flew around for some time. We were wearing helmets with the 'PRESS' marks, the car also had 'PRESS' stickers – both in front and on the back. When we were finished, the first shell hit 50 meters away from us. It was probably the artillery: they couldn't have gotten to us with the mortars, because we were on a raised surface. It was artillery, a 132-caliber – a self-propelled artillery system," Anastasia said.

According to her, she went to the car, where her colleagues were already waiting for her. At that time, another explosion went off – a shell hit the road 20 meters away from the car.

"My colleagues were very scared. We packed our things quickly, got into the car, and drove away. We got onto a concrete road, and literally a minute after we left the place, another hit from a 132-caliber. Approximately the same spot where our car had been parked," the journalist noted.

Anastasia Zhuk added that the journalists were not injured, but they were frightened.

As IMI reported, the Russians fired at a police car carrying "Dom" journalists.

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