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Russians are jamming mobile connection in the Donetsk oblast – NRC

31.01.2024, 12:02

The Russians are jamming mobile connection in the temporarily occupied parts of the Donetsk oblast due to their distrust of the locals, reports the National Resistance Center.

The mobile connection goes down whenever the Russians are moving their equipment. It is being jammed to prevent people from reporting real-time intelligence to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

"This is indicative of the real support for the occupation among the locals in the TOT," the National Resistance Center notes.

The Ukrainian underground resistance emphasized that Ukrainians continue to share intelligence despite all the enemy's actions, because they are waiting for their homeland to be with Ukraine again and know that it will definitely happen.

As IMI reported, the Russians have stepped up their counter-intelligence measures and are checking residents of the occupied territories for Ukrainian passports, residence permits, smartphones or any other equipment that can be used to transmit messages to the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Furthermore, the Russians coerce locals to snitch on one another in a chatbot. In the Meantime, the resistance movement "Yellow Ribbon" created a chatbot called "Ochi" ("eyes") to gather information about Russia's war crimes in the occupied territories.

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