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Russian propaganditsts issue a textbook with a chapter on the war in Ukraine

25.04.2023, 18:01

The Russian Ministry of Education has released a new 11th grade history textbook which features a chapter on the "special military operation" (as the war on Ukraine is called in Russia).

According to the Russian propaganda media outlet TASS, the textbook will outline the reasons for the start of the SMO.

It also mentions the West's sanctions.

The textbook was written by assistant to the president of the Russian Federation, former Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medynsky, and the Moscow State University rector, Anatoliy Torkunov.

The textbook will be available for grades 10–11 starting September 1, 2023.

As IMI reported, Russians are being handed a propaganda manual before being deployed to the frontline. Most of the booklet deals with the ideological justification for the war. As usual with Russian propagandists, the manual mentions the West, which wants to "enslave countries and peoples it conquered," and says that its ideals "completely contradict the values of the unique Russian civilization."

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