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Russian propagandists receive a manual on covering the "martial law" from Kremlin

20.10.2022, 15:02
Photo: Stratcom
Photo: Stratcom

Russian state and pro-government mass media have received yet another manual from the Russian President's administration on how to cover the "martial law" introduced on the annexed Ukrainian territories by dictator Vladimir Putin. This was reported by "Meduza", which has the document on their hands.

As the media writes, the new "recommendations" begin with a key instruction for propagandists: "It is important to reassure the audience – there will be no significant changes!"

To substantiate this thesis, propagandists should say that martial law has only been declared "in four territories" annexed by Russia, where it either had been introduced before the "accession to Russia" or "was basically already in effect."

The manual "recommends" explaining the restrictions introduced in other regions with concerns about "protecting critical infrastructure".

In general, the Kremlin "advises" propagandists to draw a parallel between the martial law introduction and Russia's experience in fighting Covid. The manual "recommends" propagandists emphasize that now officials will engage in "mobilizing industry, reorienting the economy to meet the army's needs, and taking measures to support the drafted men and their families." Separately, the Kremlin manual notes that all this will be accompanied by "streamlining the bureaucracy."

"We will make use of our experience in fighting the Coronavirus, when everything was changing rapidly," the compilers of the manual emphasized as the key thesis.

We will remind you that on October 19, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signed a decree introducing "martial law" in the annexed territories of Ukraine: Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Luhansk oblasts.

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