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Russian propaganda is using YouTube to endorse racism – IMI survey

16.05.2023, 17:05
Edit by Channel 24
Edit by Channel 24

In their broadcasts, the hosts of the program "Hello, comrades!" on "Zvezda", which is a TV channel owned by the Russian Ministry of Defense, endorse not only ethnic, but also race-based hatred.

This is evidenced by IMI's survey on Russia's use of YouTube as a platform for propaganda.

This is how propagandists Olga Belova and Mikhail Shakhnazarov, who have been sanctioned by Ukraine, commented on US President Joe Biden's promotional video for the new election campaign, which features people of multiple races:

"Why, for example, Trump's campaign video does not play up the confrontation between the white and the black America? In Biden's video, it's people of color all around, so now, by definition, since everyone understands everything, we need to shoot an election video somewhere in Texas with rednecks, white women, white men. [...] Their task is to simply expunge the white man, the sentient white man!"

In the two weeks since this episode of the propaganda program was uploaded to YouTube, it has gained 44,000 views. Racist statements violate the video hosting's guidelines regarding aggressive actions and online harassment. Despite the racism, as well as systematic anti-Ukrainian genocidal rhetoric voiced by the "Zvezda" hosts, the channel still manages to bypass the YouTube ban and keeps spreading abusive content.

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