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Russian journalists’ and media workers’ union to hold rally against "foreign agents" law

25.08.2021, 16:11
Photo credits: serhey Karpov / TASS / Radio Liberty
Photo credits: serhey Karpov / TASS / Radio Liberty

In Russia, the journalists’ and media workers’ union submitted a notice to the Moscow City Government saying they were going to hold a rally against the law on "foreign agents", on September 4, as  Radio Liberty reported.

"After the mass inclusion of a dozen newsrooms and two dozen of our colleagues on the list of mass media ‘foreign agents’ we believe it’s necessary to turn to our readers and viewers for protection. We believe that independent press, television, and free flow of information are of enormous value in our time in Russia, and the solidarity of journalists, together with those for whom they work, will help to repeal laws that put our colleagues at risk.”, ”the union said  in the letter.

It will be recalled that on August 20, Russian Ministry of Justice included the Dozhd TV (raintv) channel and the Important Stories publication in the list of "foreign agents".

On August 21, some single picketers who came out in the streets to protest against crackdown on the press, were detained in Moscow. Later, almost all of them were released until the trial starts, and RT journalist Ilya Vasyunin spent two days in the police station.

The list of media - "foreign agents" in Russia includes three dozen individuals and editorial offices, including 10 Russian-language projects of the media corporation "Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty" and four journalists who work with the Russian service of Radio Liberty.

Radio Liberty considers the legislation on mass media - "foreign agents" - repressive and challenges the legality of its application in Russian courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

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