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Russian hackers tried to hijack the broadcast of FM Halychyna

03.03.2023, 12:14
Photo: FM Halychyna
Photo: FM Halychyna

Russian hackers attempted a cyber attack on the air of the FM Halychyna radio station. The Security Service of Ukraine had warned the editors about the cyberattack in advance. The media reported this on Facebook on March 2.

The day before, on March 1, calls for a hacker attack on the radio station were circulating on Russian Telegram channels.

Volodymyr Kushniruk, FM Halychyna technical director, said that their specialists had responded to the enemy's actions in time and managed to eliminate the threat.

"Obviously, they decided to hack our data transmissions or even speak on our behalf on the air. The technical department of the radio station took additional security measures to prevent such a situation," Kushniruk said.

The radio station believes that hackers will try to hijack the broadcast again in the future and assures that they will do everything in their power to prevent this from happening.

"Since its conception, the radio station has never played a single Russian song, and the announcers and presenters have never voiced pro-Russian narratives. [...] We will continue to cover the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war truthfully and call the Russians our enemies, even if we are a bone in their throat. We think that this cyber attack is only the beginning, the invaders will not stop in their attempts to do damage to FM Halychyna. We have stepped up our vigilance and will make sure to repel the enemy's cyber attacks in time. The radio station's website will resume its work shortly," said program director Yula Bielska.

Yula Bielska reported on "Espreso" TV channel that the only thing the hackers managed to do was to temporarily stop the radio station's website from working. But now the website is already up again.

Photo: FM Halychyna

Radio FM Halychyna is the largest regional radio network covering 14 frequencies within Ukraine: Lviv 89.7 FM, Ternopil 102.3 FM, Lutsk 89.8 FM, Rivne 89.5 FM, Boryslav 102.9 FM, Brody 107.5 FM, Novy Rozdil 107.6 FM, Radehiv 103.6 FM, Slavske 102.6 FM, Stary Sambir 102.7 FM, Stryi 107.9 FM, Turka 105.9 FM, Chervonograd 103.0 FM, Shatsk 106.7 FM

As IMI reported, Ukraïner, an educational project about the Ukrainian society and culture, has been hacked: cyber criminals took over the project's Facebook pages. Ukraïner noted that for the time being, they will be posting content on InstagramTelegramTwitter and Viber. The project's founder, Bohdan Logvynenko, tweeted that hackers had gained access to the publication's pages by hacking the Meta Business Manager.

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