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Russian hackers attempt to discredit the State Computer Emergency Response Team – SSCS

16.06.2023, 12:57

Russian hackers with ties to the Russian army continue to contribute to the hybrid war by carrying out cyberattacks. They supplement their operations with information and psychological influence campaigns, reports the press office of the State Special Communications Service.

"The criminals are spreading a fake statement purportedly by the board chairman of the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine. The statement alleges that CERT-UA did not provide the PBC with any assistance for protecting its information resources and that no CERT-UA experts were involved in addressing the consequences and investigating the cyber incident that allegedly occurred on June 14 in the information and communication systems of the PBC," the post reads.

SSCS added that they had localized the threat. CERT-UA experts have joined the investigation of the incident and promised to publish the details of the investigation later.

"This is not the first time that the Kremlin attempts to discredit CERT-UA, following their scenario. Similarly, earlier, after the information and communication system of one of the ministries was hacked, the social media of one of our domestic journalists were compromised. The hackers then used the account to post a fake comment from the Minister, also intended spread misleading information about CERT-UA's alleged inaction. The information was shared on a Telegram channel associated with the Sandworm group," the SSCS noted.

It will be recalled that in early June 2023, the SSCS reported that hackers had been spying on Ukrainian media editors for about a year.

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