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Russian General Prosecutor adds NGO "KrymSOS" to the register of "undesirable" organizations

27.03.2023, 16:46
Photo: / tamila.tasheva
Photo: / tamila.tasheva

The Permanent Representative of the President in Crimea, Tamila Tasheva, responded to Russian Prosecutor General adding the NGO KrymSOS in the register of "undesirable" organizations.

Tasheva wrote about this on Facebook.

"Indeed, KrymSOS has always aimed not just to defend human rights, but to work towards the de-occupation of Crimea and address the consequences of the war. Well, such 'official recognition' of the effectiveness of their work gives an incentive to keep going," the president's representative emphasized.

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation stated that KrymSOS "poses a threat to the constitutional order and security of the Russian Federation." They say that the organization's goals – the de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea – "are aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation," the UP writes, citing the Russian propaganda outlet TASS.

Also, the Russians complain, since the start of the war against Ukraine, KrymSOS seems to have been taking an active part in a media campaign "aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation."

"I greet my colleagues and KrymSOS co-founders with such 'recognition', as I greet everyone who is currently working at the initiative and keeps its activities, aimed at the de-occupation and reintegration of our Crimea – and, perhaps, at the destruction of Russia a little bit – going," Tasheva stressed.

KrymSOS was founded on February 27, 2014. The organization's work is aimed at highlighting the unlawfulness of Russia's occupation of Crimea and its repressive policy towards Crimeans, maintaining the peninsula's ties with mainland Ukraine, as well as consolidating the Ukrainian society by defending human rights, freedoms, and interests of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and other people who suffered as a result of the war.

According to KrymSOS, the occupation courts in Crimea have tried cases for "discrediting the Russian army" at least 284 times.

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