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Russia is spending millions of dollars on info ops aimed at preventing weapon supplies to Ukraine – DI

11.11.2022, 16:56
InfoResist / 24 канал
InfoResist / 24 канал

Russia is spending millions of dollars to fund an information campaign aimed at preventing the flow of Western weapons to Ukraine. Andriy Chernyak, a representative of the Defense Intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, told RBC-Ukraine about this, as reported on the DI's Facebook page.

According to Chernyak, Russia is employing its agents in the West to discredit the Armed Forces and Ukraine. To carry out information operations, the Russians created their own network abroad before the start of the large-scale armed aggression. The special services of our partner countries are still uncovering people who are either Russian agents or "agents of influence" of the Russian Federation.

"The Russians are working with the mass media to conduct information operations, such as spreading fake news about Ukraine allegedly selling the Western weapons away or the UAF using a 'dirty bomb,'" said the Ukrainian military intelligence representative.

According to Andriy Chernyak, the Russians are very eager to prevent the weapon supplies from our partners, as they realize that without the military and technical aid from the West, things will be quite difficult for Ukraine.

"The Russians are spending millions of dollars on funding this very information campaign to prevent the flow of weapons. It is large-scale, and yet ineffective. However, the terrorist country keeps trying to exert influence on European countries, in particular on Great Britain, and on the German society," explained the Defense Ministry representative.

He specified that the Russians are trying to prevent the weapons from arriving in Ukraine with any means. They are involving space reconnaissance, an agent network, and all possible means of political and economic blackmail.

"Information attacks via mass media are merely a component of a large-scale information operation aimed at discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of the West," said Andriy Chernyak.

As IMI reported, earlier, the Defense Intelligence department at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that Russia has issued new manuals on minimizing the negative attitudes among the mobilized men.

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