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Russia intensifies a media campaign against helping Ukraine in Poland – Polish official

05.12.2022, 15:11

In recent days an information campaign has been intensified that aims at provoking a reluctance towards helping Ukraine among Poles. In this way, Russia wants to stop Western aid to Ukraine.

Stanislaw Zaryn, the Government Plenipotentiary for Security of the Information Space of the Republic of Poland, wrote this on Twitter, Hromadske reports.

According to him, the propaganda message focuses on promoting a thesis that Ukrainians pose a threat to the Polish society.

Attempts to spread lies about Ukrainians and their presence in Poland, manipulate circumstances of different events or spread insinuations have been recorded in Poland. The objective of these actions is to make Poles unwilling to support Ukraine.

"For Russia, in a current situation it is a priority to make the West stop providing aid to Ukraine. To this end, the Kremlin is using political, military and propaganda measures, wishing it will result in the isolation of Ukraine," wrote Zaryn.

In an article for NewsWeek, he said that although Polish society is rather resistant to the Russian propaganda, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine they've identified many hostile and dangerous narratives targeted against Poland, Polish-Ukrainian relations, and NATO and the entire Western community.

In particular, Russian propaganda tries to provoke fear of nuclear disaster, energy crises, or food shortages; slander countries that firmly support Ukraine; and question Poland's military, financial, and humanitarian support for Ukraine.

Recently, Poland has experienced increased propaganda efforts after a missile fell near the Polish-Ukrainian border.

"Immediately Russian narratives started to claim that Ukraine poses a threat to Poland, that the West's support for Kyiv is a failure, and that it is Ukrainian missiles that destroy Ukrainian towns and cause casualties," Zaryn said.

He emphasized: providing support for Ukraine, especially by delivering military equipment, is in the West's best security interest.

"This is the only way to stop further Russian aggression. If we fail now, there will be no lasting peace in Europe—and who knows who Russia's next victim will be," the official stressed.

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