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Russia blocks the websites of the People's Movement of Ukraine and the CHESNO Movement

03.10.2023, 19:15

An "unspecified state body" has blocked the websites of the People's Movement of Ukraine and the CHESNO Movement, reports the Telegram channel "Roskomsvoboda".

The website of the People's Movement of Ukraine has been blocked using a "mask", that is, with all its domains and subdomains at once.

The website hosts a lot of content about the "special military operation" (which is how Russia calls the war on Ukraine. – Ed.). According to Roskomsvoboda, this could be the reason for the ban on the territory of Russia.

The website of the civil movement "Chesno" (the CHESNO Movement), which advocates for government transparency ranging from deputy candidates to high-profile politicians, has also been blocked using a "mask".

As reported by IMI, in September "a government agency of the Russian Federation" blocked four pages on the independent Kyrgyz news outlet, which were posted in October 2022 and related to the war in Ukraine, and two articles by the Tajik outlet (a November 2022 speech by a Tajik politician in support of Ukraine and a February 2023 report saying that Russia could potentially draft people from Central Asia into the army).

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