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RT cancels work with propagandist Krasovsky after his suggestion that Ukrainian children should be drowned

24.10.2022, 11:12
Photo: Instagram @krasovkin
Photo: Instagram @krasovkin

Russian propaganda channel "Russia Today" fired their host Anton Krasovsky after his claims that Ukrainian children who believe that Ukraine's territory is occupied by Russia should be drowned.

This was announced by Russian propagandist, RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan.

"At the moment, I am cancelling our cooperation, as neither I nor the rest of RT's team can allow ourselves even to imagine that one of us is capable of spewing such nonsense. Surprising, what else is there to say," wrote Simonyan.

She called Krasovsky's statement "wild and disgusting" and added, "Perhaps Anton will explain what kind of fleeting madness has caused it and how it came out of his mouth. It is hard to believe that Krasovsky sincerely thought children should be drowned."

Anton Krasovsky himself wrote that he was "embarrassed" that he "somehow did not see the red line. About the children."

He noted that it is difficult for him to stop when he goes live: "Well, it happens like this: you sit on the air, you are carried away. And you just cannot stop. I apologize to everyone who was upset by this. I apologize to Margarita, to everyone to whom it seemed wild, unimaginable and unrestrained."

The day before, a video appeared in which host and broadcasting director of the channel's Russian-language version Anton Krasovsky suggested in a conversation with writer Sergey Lukyanenko that Ukrainian children who believe that Ukrainian territory is being occupied by Russia should be drowned. Lukyanenko said that in 1980 he visited Ukraine as a child, and Russian-speaking Ukrainian children told him that Ukraine was occupied by "Muscovites".

"Well, you should have drowned them in the Tysyn, where the duck swims. Just drown these children, drown them... You say that the Muscovites are occupying Ukraine, you immediately get thrown into the river's raging current," the host suggested. He also suggested locking children in a "fir hut" in the Carpathians and burning it.

Meanwhile on Russia's state-funded RT, director of broadcasting Anton Krasovsky suggests drowning or burning Ukrainian children, makes hideous comments about the rapes by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, says Ukraine should not exist and Ukrainians who resist Russia should be shot.

— Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) October 23, 2022

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